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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what happened to your sols post?

I don't know, I just didn't want to share it. Here's an image I created to go with it, though.

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Image Credits: Photoshop Elements 9.0; paper: A. Aspnes, Say Yes kit; butterfly mask: A Aspnes, FlutterBy layered template; font: Georg


  1. Email-schmemail! Life is what counts. Remember the commercial with the girl texting and laughing that her parents only had like 5 friends and she had 300? (or some such numbers) And she's in her room texting, alone, while her parents are out biking and hiking with real live friends! Some things just don't matter for much, and some matter for everything!

  2. Stay true to who you are, because that is the person everyone in your life loves the most. Your life is rich!

  3. This inspired me to take more time for "moments", living your life isn't always easy. Congratulations on your full life, enjoy.

  4. I've seen that e.e. cummings quote a million times. But your posted deepened my connection to it, my understanding of it.

    My husband and I often discuss the idea of thicker skin. The people we work with who seem to have thicker skin and not care when their shortcomings are revealed, just don't seem to care about much of anything. We can't live that way. We are passionate, driven people. I get the feeling that you are a kindred spirit in that sense.

    Sometimes it means we get hurt and feel inadequate. I really admire the way you keep staying focused on your inner voice- the one that tells you what is truly important in life is life. Anyone who knows you and doesn't feel lucky to know you simply isn't paying enough attention.

  5. I believe that those who are full of feelings and who are intuitive care about others so much that they do try to be things that really aren't who they are. It makes me happy that you are one who puts your family and friends over e-mail, that you drop everything to hug a friend and play with trains. It's such a short life to give up living for others' expectations. You go girl!! (Is that out of date?)

  6. Love the e.e. cummings quote - it's one of my favorites. The struggle to accept our self is such a wide and deep one! But you're right, live out loud, enjoy the moments, and the email will keep. Besides, if it's an emergency, they'll let you know!

  7. You are right, your "faults" reveal your greatest gifts and the rest of us with "faults" look in the mirror and hope we find as many gifts you name in yourself.

  8. I read your post before you deleted it...but I already new it. :) Yay! I get to gloat about being your good friend.


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