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Thursday, January 5, 2012

a notebook project

I gathered several of notebooks together a few weeks ago to take some photos. A few years ago I did this and then took a stab at creating a video in MovieMaker. It's not all that refined, but it seems to have been a little bit of a hit -- tallying over 10,000 views. For some reason, though, when I published, the last letter in many of my titles was dropped.

I've been thinking about revising the video, so I don't feel like I have to defend myself every time I play it for someone. Gathering notebooks together and taking some photos is step one of the revision process. Now that you've received the disclaimer, here's the video,  A PEEK INSIDE MY NOTEBOOKS.

I like seeing lots of my notebooks together. I can see how they have infiltrated my life. I can see how there are different notebooks for different purposes. I know some writers use the same style of notebook all of the time. Not me. I like variety. I like having different styles, different sizes, different bindings so I can make them take up different spaces in my life.

My notebooks are the lifelines to my writing life. When I'm stuck for words or when I'm twitching to write, I know they are waiting for me. They are treasure boxes, holding gems that I forget I've collected. Marking moments that have slipped from my mind. Offering ideas that take hold and grow.

Make no mistake. These are not journals. They are eclectic collections. Things that have happened. Things that are dreamed. Things that I make up. I'm looking forward to completing this project and in the end, having a new video for an updated peek inside my notebooks.


  1. Between your notebook posts and Deb Day's notebook post, I am feeling a little nudge. You both have caused me to reflect and I am beginning to uncover some truths about myself as a writer. Thanks for opening my eyes. I think I am going to work on a notebook post of my own. If you are brave enough to share, I think I might be too.

  2. I like that you called them treasure boxes, Ruth. I look over old notebooks all the time, & enjoyed a peek inside your notebooks too, & loved your movie, an added bonus.

  3. What an insightful look into your writer's notebooks! Thanks for sharing this inspiration.

  4. I loved this video when you first posted it and never minded that the last letter was cut off. I was too enthralled with loving the glimpses into the range of ways that you use your notebooks. That's the same thing that instantly hooked me to this blog - the excitement to seeing more glimpses in.

    I look forward to the new video that you are working on.

  5. I am most certainly inspired! Thanks for the peek into your process.


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