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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 seasons in 3 days (soLs)

Yesterday I went for a walk under a crisp blue sky with the sun beating down on me. It was summer.

The grass turning green. The tree branches stretched toward the sun. Flowers breaking free from the hard ground. It was spring.

This morning I creeped along, my tires slipping on the snowy road. Giant snowflakes, the size of tablespoons, swirled around. I tucked my shoes in my bag and wore boots. It was winter.

On my way home the wind howled. The grey sky spit rain. Dry leaves spun around the ground, crunching under my feet. It was autumn.

All four seasons in 48 hours makes me feel a little unsettled. I like the shift in seasons. I like the way each holds something special, allowing me to adjust my living. All of them in a short time makes me a little confused. Isn't this February? Winter. The time to hunker down. The time to hibernate and plan a welcome for the newness spring offers. I'm missing winter.

But I'm ready for spring. And the wholeness of summer. And the chill of autumn.

I'm ready, but I prefer for each to linger.

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  1. I agree, this has been the strangest Illinois winter that I can remember. It has been unusually mild, which isn't horrible but makes me feel that something is missing.

  2. We are having the same strange weather in Iowa. One minute it's in the fifties and wonderful and the next it's sleeting or snowing. Mother Nature needs to make up her mind!

  3. Well, it sounds like all over it has just been a different winter because the same is true for eastern Oregon. It has felt much more like spring than winter. I loved this slice capturing the seasons and what we expect vs. what happens, and of course, how quickly it can shift!

  4. "giant snowflakes, the size of tablespoons..."
    I will now think of this every time we have those!

  5. We too here in Colorado are having all those seasons, but actually it's not too unusual. It was 60+ today & it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Layers, layers are the key. I liked your meandering through the seasons writing, though, Ruth, and like Amy, loved those "tablespoons of snowflakes".


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