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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a friend

I'm writing this from a hotel lobby and am ready to collapse. So here's a little very first draft list.

I have this friend who knows me better than most.
She knows I hide my toothbrush in hotel rooms.
She knows I have a tendency to get twisted around with directions in large cities.
She knows I don't mean it when I grumble.
She knows how to read between my words to figure out what I'm feeling, even when I don't know myself.
She knows when I'm joking and thinks I'm funny (sometimes).
She knows how to keep secrets.
She knows I like some space.
She knows it's okay to be silent together.
She gives me perspective.
She's wise about teaching and parenting and being a wife and faith and life.
I trust her more than most.
I have this friend who knows me better than most.
And I'm thankful for her.

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  1. Ah, a true friend. So important and so glad you have one.

  2. I like how your initial sentence is repeated at the end...with the tad bit extra. The "she knows" repetition demonstrated the bond that exists between you. Friends are so valuable. I enjoyed this format of explaining your friend without revealing every bit of information.

  3. Ah, to be known. I am glad you are cherishing your friendship.

  4. First draft? Stamp that final and call it a day! This is a precious poem about a friendship you are both lucky to have. You are not at IRC are you?

  5. Really sweet Ruth. Friends are just what we need every single day, and maybe especially when traveling.

  6. I agree with Christy. I thought about how it didn't seem like a "very first draft". I was also thinking about how the post is one more indicator of the value of writing even when we don't want to.

  7. My slice for today was inspired by a couple of your previous posts:

    Thanks for the inspiration and for creating this experience with Stacey to provide so many of us with a community of writers that we would not necessarily have otherwise.

  8. A simple list with few words can say more than paragraphs.

  9. A great list that I'm sure will be appreciated. Friends may know all these things about us, but it's nice for us to publicly share how great they are.

  10. I have a friend like that too and you said it so well I may have to direct her to your slice. What a gift...true friends.

  11. She is so deserving! I'm so glad you have her to lift you daily. :)


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