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Saturday, March 17, 2012

spring is (soLs)

Spring is organizing five closets.
Spring is a six mile bike ride with two kids and one in a seat on the back of my bike.
Spring is open windows and a wide open front door.
Spring is three loads of winter garb laundered and ready to be packed away.
Spring is painted toenails.
Spring is a late supper.
Spring is dirt in the bathtub after the water drains away.
Spring is mud boots and flip flops and bare feet.
Spring is pushing a swing.
Spring is forgetting to blog.
Spring is today.


  1. I loved your SPRING poem. My favorite line is the dirt in the bathtub! You know the kids had lots of fun outside and not in front of the TV if you see the dirt in the bathtub.

  2. I am glad to hear that someone else is putting winter clothes away. I love the list!

  3. Spring is... a surprise! I can't believe that my husband and I are already bemoaning the lack of an air conditioner. It is still WINTER. I am looking forward to painted toenails, and a shift in footwear to show them off. This list poem is definitely a celebration because of the details you chose to include.

  4. Spring at last? Let's hope so!

  5. Spring is a busy time in so many ways! Glad you remembered to blog!

  6. Spring is a joy to experience. Just like this poem.

  7. I always love reading posts like this that inspire me to try something similar.

  8. "winter garb laundered and ready to be packed away" YIPPY! APPLAUSE. WOOT WOOT!

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  10. I made too many errors above. I still think winter is around the corner, lurking to give us one final surprise. However, the doors & some windows are open & I've had to get out more short sleeved shirts. Love the list, because it will be my list soon, Ruth. I love "pushing the swing" Part of my day was filled with that. We don't often swing in the winter.

  11. I love that spring can bring such a variety for you...
    "Spring is mud boots and flip flops and bare feet."

  12. Great list! My spring includes some, but not all those things...more things like sitting outside for several hours, falling asleep to the sounds of a still awake neighborhood, and giddy teens and pre teens not ready for bed until late. :)

  13. Spring is fun! Spring is the SOLC creating stories to share.

  14. Ruth,

    Spring is so many wonderful things! I painted my toes today too! I am a little skeptical about putting away the winter garb, maybe some of it as we have a week of spring forecasted. Enjoy! ~Theresa

  15. Love your poem. Spring is all definitely all about flip flops!

    First Grade Delight


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