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Sunday, August 19, 2012

ivy + bean giveaway recipients

Using a Random Number Generator, the following four people are now eligible for the Ivy + Bean grand prize...

For a copy of Ivy + Bean, book one -- comment number 1...

I love that you posted an interview with your daughter. It is fun to see pieces of the dynamics of your relationship and her personality through the conversation.

My daughter and I have been reading the series as well - so excited to see that there is another coming out. I love that we are able to laugh together and talk about all of their shenanigans. One of our favorite scenes has always been when Bean has to go shopping with her Mom and Nancy.

And the three sets of mini note cards --  comment numbers 4,2,8 ...
These sure would be perfect for second graders! Miss you. :)

How creative - love this interview with your daughter! I have yet to read an Ivy & Bean book, but Stephanie has opened my eyes to want to read more! Thanks Stephanie!

I used this book to show how to write about your reading!!!!

I am like both...never wanted my sister around and I love to read! 

Send me an email with your name and mailing address, which I will pass on to Chronicle Books. Remember, if you weren't selected this time there are still several weeks left to participate. Look for the next Ivy + Bean post here on Wednesday. Until then, check out the other blogs participating in the celebration.


  1. You can send them my gmail address. Hooray! I never win anything!

  2. Such cute books! Congrats to the eligibility winners :)


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