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Monday, March 11, 2013

a day of slices

Coffee gurgles
Scripture stirs
Words tap

Andy kisses
Kids hug
Parents smile
Buffy wags

Students chat
Friend compliments
Tests returned

Emails sent
Tech help
Student plans
Lunch dialogue

Airfare purchased
Reservations secured
Conference confirmed

Conversation swirls
Teacher chat
Bag packed

Teacher meet
Son pick-up
Groceries bought

Meatloaf assembled
Lego construction
Daughter chat

Grey walk
Wind whips
Rain drops

Dinner consumed
Dishes washed
Cookies baked

Baths bubble
Teeth scrubbed
Clothes chosen

Grandparent visit
Dinner given
Quiet talk

Jammies comfort
Books open
Hearts pray

Mouth yawns
Computer opens
Book revised

Blogs read
Posts written
Day complete

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  1. What a lovely day! I love the format of your poem, too.

  2. Sounds like a great day! :) I love how the form of this poem gives you an easy way to tell about everything!

  3. Ruth,

    Sounds like a fantastically full day. I was especially drawn to the wide variety of verbs that flowed through your poem, through your day. ~ Theresa

  4. Love the list-poem of your day. Makes me think of one I did way back when my 3 were little. There is something about seeing it all on paper in poem form that is kind of cool, right?

  5. Aw Buffy! Miss that puppy. And you got to use "Wind Whips"!! It was fun to follow you around for the day.

    1. You were there, in the poem. Did you find yourself?

  6. You're going to bed now, aren't you?

  7. I love this, it's a simple yet thorough description of your day. I wonder if I could write such a poem?

  8. Love this! Reminds me of "two word sentences" I teach in Writing Workshop. (Thanks, Jeff Anderson.)

  9. I love each of these lines being a slice in and of themselves. I may have to borrow this technique. You are meeting your goal of finding the slices in everyday life. Lovely!

  10. Love the structure of your simple-sentence poem. Talent, my friend, to pluck the perfect words to make it flow.
    Book revised. I'm waiting. :)

    1. I wondered if anyone would notice that tucked into the end. It's a lot of work!

  11. That poem took me on a lovely ride.

  12. Very thoughtful and impressive. Loved it!

  13. This is a great representation of how we experience a hectic life -- a series of fragments, checklist items, moments and momentary sensations. The only thread that seems to structure it all sometimes is just time; here, the way you weave subjects, objects, and adjectives around the 'verbs of the day', the actions that follow each other. This makes sense of all the fragments and gives them some kind of shape. Sweet! :)

  14. Gifted writer
    Smiles abound
    Readers satisfied

  15. Teaching direct objects to my 6th graders this week...may have just found a unique way to do it differently! Love it!

  16. I went back and admired the opening again and again. That first stanza is so strong. Something about the combination of those nouns with those verbs. Just right.

  17. Fun slice. I'm still trying to decide what poem form to use for my month of poetry in April. List poems keep coming back up these last couple of weeks ...

  18. Ruth You do way more in a day than I could ever think of doing. However, I liked how you included even the "slow" moments. Grey Walk, Wind Whips, Rain drops (I hear your words "wind whips the World" in my mind frequently) Jammies comfort, Books open, Hearts pray
    I wanted to be a part of these moments of your day.

  19. Simply awesome! This shows you don't need a lot of words to describe a day, just the right ones.

  20. Your words are part of my slice:😄


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