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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This makes me happy (sols)

It's not so much because he greeted me when I pulled into the garage after school today.

It's not so much because he had on his helmet and big plans to skateboard.

It's not even that his plans were altered and a book became more pressing than a skateboard.

No. None of that is why my heart overflows from joy well after they are in bed.

This makes me happy because his brother brought home the book for him. "I've been dying to read this one," he said.

"I know," Jordan replied pulling out his homework. "You can read it while I do my homework then we can skate together."

"Awesome," he said sliding into his spot at the table. Jordan sat across from him.

I went through the pile of papers on the counter that is always waiting, no matter that I just dispersed one in the same location the day before. Hannah practiced her clarinet. Steph clomped through in her cleates. I defrosted the chicken; turned on the oven.

Sam read a passage aloud to Jordan. Jordan asked about a math problem. He put away his homework and then squeezed into the same chair as Sam, reading along until the end of the book.

"Thanks, bro," Sam said closing the book.

"I thought you'd like it," Jordan said. "Since we're forever brothers I see things and think of you." They closed the door on their way out to skate.

And this momma's heart was happy. If that isn't a sign of healthy, whole-hearted adjustment, I don't know what is.

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  1. Forever brothers...that boy is a "secret poet" to quote a student. I love this peeks into your life. Let's me know that all is right with the world

  2. That should absolutely make you happy - it brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.

  3. What a great moment to capture with a slice. I am glad that you have this documented so that you will be able to remember it again and again.

  4. "Forever brothers"--Jordan is relishing his new family. So special.

  5. Oh! Sam so deserves this special connection with a forever brother. I know Jordan, too, deserves it. However, my heart swelled for Sam especially because of how caring, thoughtful, and considerate he has been of his siblings through years of smooth and rough times.

    This moment is so well told because it was hard to imagine what is more amazing than stopping with the helmet already strapped on his head to read a book. Your ending was such a sweet surprise.

  6. I can imagine that momma's heart was about to burst with happiness. What a beautiful moment! How special that Jordan thought of his brother and brought the book home for Sam. Love lives in your house.

  7. This made me smile today. Forever brothers. In a round-about-way reminds me of Nikki Grimes' book, Oh Brother! Thanks for sharing this sweet moment.

  8. My heart is swelling with happiness. You crafted the moment beautifully adding in the special conversational touches. Blessed!

  9. Oh boy, tears, right now. That was a heartfelt moment of genuine love. That is awesome.


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