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Sunday, August 4, 2013

words to start the week

Those who are living get scarred. Scars are proof of overcoming. Scars are signs of vitality. Scars are evidence of strength. This isn't such a bad thing.


  1. I agree that some suffering helps me to know that I can be strong when I need to be, but there is some suffering I would not wish for others, Ruth. I think I am talking about those little children in our world who do not deserve the lives they lead.

    1. Yes, I agree, Linda. There are too many undeserving scars in our world and too much suffering for people to endure. I supposed these words give me hope because they press me to believe that people (even young children) can rise above the hurt and be strong, making the world a better place. Children with scars are very dear to my heart and I need to be reminded that these scars will not prevent them from living strong, compassionate, influential lives.

    2. Oh, I see what you're taking from this & that is a good thing. I too want to help those children know that they can survive & be stronger "because" of the struggle. I think I just become so upset when I see that children have things happen that never should "be". I want to wish it away!


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