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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Celebrate This Week V

Discover. Play. Build.

I'm loving this tradition of finding and sharing celebrations from the week. For more information, check out the CELEBRATE This Week page. We are using the hashtag #celebratelu.


This post, My One In Particular, by Donalyn Miller has been sticking with me all week. It is beautiful.


I can't wait for NCTE next week! Are you going to be there? Will our paths cross?


Celebrating Writers blog book tour was a lot of fun. A special thanks for the kind words from Franki, Kate, Cathy, Katherine, and Nerdy Book Club.


Kate Messner and friends are planning a Teacher-Author walk at NCTE. Perfect.


This greeted me when I came home tonight. There are some things I love about the Heartland, and harvesting is one of them.

I can't wait to read your celebrations. Remember to check out another link (or two) and leave a comment.

Oops! I inserted the picture on this post from my phone last night and it looks like it messed up the linky-button code. Please check the comments of the post for links to more celebrations. It looks like it is working now.


  1. I can't wait until NCTE either, though there is much to do before getting there! I certainly hope you and I can touch base at some point. Until then, enjoy this weekend and your time with family!

    My celebration post this week:

  2. Nice to see that sunny farm pic, Ruth. And it would be very nice to meet you for a nice chat or coffee or lunch or ? in Boston. Let me know if you have time. I'll at least try to see you at the book signing!! Congrats again for a terrific blog tour celebration! Here's my post this Saturday:

  3. I'm bummed that I'm missing NCTE this year. Have a wonderful time. I love harvest time too. We live in the country and the same scene greets me as I drive home.

    Here is my celebration post this week:

  4. I can't make NCTE this year either. So disappointed, but look for me next year in DC! Looking forward to that! Thanks for this opportunity to celebrate my week. This was a TOUGH one, but the challenge to find grace and joy and celebration in it was one I wanted to meet.

  5. We are also so excited about NCTE and meeting many new friends this year! This week we are celebrating Ruth's new book! A true celebration in every sense of the word!

  6. Congratulations on all your celebrations, but especially on your new book. Can't wait to get a copy. I'll miss NCTE this year. It has gotten well beyond the budget, I'm afraid.
    I am celebrating a successful field trip:

  7. Have a great time at MCTE. Bring back pictures and ideas. I love the harvest. It has been wonderful to see the beginning, the growth, and now the reaping of hard work. It reminds me of the work we are doing with children, always a harvest even if it is small.
    I have enjoyed following your book celebration. I received my copy in the mail and can't wait to have you sign it! Thank you for your kind words. They are filling me with delight.

  8. I'm sorry, guys, I made some changes to the post after it was set via my iPad and it messed up the linky. It's up now!
    Happy Saturday!

  9. I will experience NCTE through the posts of all my blogging friends, sigh, so wish I could go, sigh, again. What a fun week it was to follow the book tour through the blogs, it had to make you smile every day.

  10. Love this weekly chance to celebrate. Thanks, Ruth!

  11. Ruth, congratulations on your week long celebration of your book. I read most of it while waiting in a doctor's office. Chapter two is just what I need right now in our workshop. Thank you again, for being a mentor and an inspiration and giving us a reason to celebrate.

  12. I am so jealous of all the people who are going to NCTE next week. I was planning to go until I waited too long and then really couldn't afford it. I loved Donalyn's post too. It really made me reflect on the relationship I have with my husband and the way we connect through books also. Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate each week.

  13. I'd love to be in Boston - the conference, the walk, a chat and a cup of tea. I like the minimalistic style of your celebration today.

  14. Jealous of you folks headed to NCTE. I hope you have some marvelous times together like we did last summer at the All Write Conference. And now, I'm off to catch up on the blog tour from last week.

  15. I will miss NCTE but will be at a writing retreat. Can't wait to hear about the NCTE adventure.

  16. It's good to be surrounded by people who share your same passion. Have a great time!

  17. I will be at NCTE and hope to meet you! I loved Donalyn's post, too!


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