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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

25 Things to Do About Not Wanting To Write

Last week I posted 25 Reasons People Don't Write. As an after thought, I added a silly little list about what to do about not wanting to write. I've been thinking about that little list and realized I ran out of steam for the list.

(I didn't want to write ironic!)

So here is another attempt at the list. How about you? What do you do to keep going when you don't want to write?

  1. Write anyway.
  2. Talk to someone else.
  3. Believe my words matter.
  4. Set and meet goals -- challenges
  5. Read authors who write like I wish I could write.
  6. Have a bit of tenacity, backbone, and wherewithal.
  7. Remember other times when I didn’t want to write, but did anyway.
  8. Know others are counting on me.
  9. Turn to a routine.
  10. Ignore the lies telling me my writing doesn’t matter and it isn’t good enough.
  11. Pay attention to the “almost” – the things I can do now as a writer, but couldn’t before.
  12. Rest.
  13. Reread past writing.
  14. Reread feedback others have given me in the past.
  15. Set a timer and write for 15 minutes.
  16. Spend time with other writers.
  17. Play in my notebook.
  18. Read blogs.
  19. Remember where I’ve come from. Consider where I want to go.
  20. Go for a walk.
  21. Return to my favorite writing spot.
  22. Try even when it seems useless.
  23. Call a writer friend.
  24. Read about other writers’ processes.
  25. Give myself permission to step away and try again another day.


  1. I like your list. Walking would be my top choice. Somehow it always helps. I would add: Drink a cup of tea. Doodle.

  2. I am motivated when I meet with my writing group. The encouragement is necessary. This encouragement also comes from commenting on other blogs and recieving comments.
    For me to write, I have to plan a time. To assur the writing will be finished, I usually will not leave school until I have accomplished the task. Setting a timer, like #15, works for me.


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