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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I'm glad you are here to celebrate! Share a link to your blog post below and/or use #celebratelu to share celebrations on Twitter.

 I hope you know Christy Rush-Levine. She's an eighth grade teacher, artist, writer, reader, and incredible friend. Since some other incredible friends have been pushing me into leading a Twitter chat about teaching writers, Christy and I started dreaming. This is what happened...

I hope you'll consider joining us for the first Teach & Celebrate Writers Twitter chat on Sunday, August 3.

I'm 2 posts away from 500 on this blog. I spend too much time thinking I don't write enough. Here's the math:

500 posts in three years breaks down to 3.2 posts/week

I write enough.

In addition, for 2011-2013, I wrote nearly 3 posts/week maintaining another blog about the teaching of writers.
I also completed an entire YA manuscript.
A second YA manuscript is 90% complete.
I've played and doodled and noted ideas for a third YA story in three composition notebooks.
I've filled 4 large notebooks on my (new) writing territory of faith.
I've written articles each month for Choice Literacy and Lead Literacy.
My book about adoption and faith and celebration is stacking words into chapters.
I write enough.
But wish I wrote more.

Looking forward to your celebrations this week too. Link-up below.


  1. Sounds like a great chat, I wrote it down! I admire your writing and dedication to it. I'm trying to dig through the trenches now :)

  2. What a great idea for a Twitter chat! I will be there. It is really neat to see how you have broken down the time you've spent writing, yet still wanting more. Ahhh, the power of writing!
    Sweet Writing Life

  3. This looks like a great chat, thanks!! I loved reading about how much you write. :)

  4. You do write a lot AND live a full rich life with your family. Sounds like a great chat, I will try to remember (but you will remind, right?).

  5. I'm so excited about your new chat! Unfortunately, I won't be able to join your first one because I'll be out of town, but I'd love to join subsequent ones!! And yes, you write enough, but we would always want to read more of you! :-)

  6. You had to sneak that little confession at the end in italics: but I wish I wrote more. That made me smile. Knowing, really KNOWING you are enough does not stop you from reaching for more. That is just one of the many ways you are awesome.

    I am so energized about this Twitter chat! It is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and grow amongst a wide, wise community of teacher-writers.

  7. The lovely influence you and Christy have on me continues as my twitter commitment will expand to monthly :) to catch #T&Cwriters! Thank you for making this happen. Your model of a writerly life has been inspirational to many of us. When I think about this gift of yours I always celebrate because I am one of the thankful recipients!

  8. You're an amazing person, Ruth. You constantly inspire me with your writing and sharing of it. Thank you for that and so much more. Congrats on all of your accomplishments.

  9. You write plenty, it seems. But remember that it' not how much you say, it's the meaning behind the words!

  10. I love the colors of the image for your writing chat! Sounds like it will bring great discussions. You do write a lot...but I totally am the same, I always want to write more. There's something awesome about writing, getting out words, thinking about life. I love it. :)

  11. Thank you for this post. The new writing chat sounds great. And wow! You do write a lot! I forget sometimes that my blogging is really writing too.

  12. I'll miss the first twitter chat, but hopefully it will be archived somewhere. So glad that your writing reaches and inspires so many. My writing life began in earnest at TWT. Thanks for creating Saturday Celebrations for us.


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