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Friday, January 30, 2015


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Did you meet Kate this week?

We spent a little while deciding on her name. Earlier in the day, I said to a friend, "Maybe we should name her something we need to hear all of the time." I considered Beatrice Pleasant -- B. Pleasant. I really loved Story, until Sam said, "Shouldn't we name her after our favorite authors?"

It was unanimous -- Kate became her name...after Kate Messner and Kate Dicamillo, our favorite authors.

Before bed, we printed pictures of Kate for the kids to take to school. Sam showed me the back of his photo.

"We gave her a middle name," he said.

"Who gave her a middle name?" I asked.

"We did. The kids. We talked about it and decided her name is Kate Faith Ayres."

I didn't say anything, just stared at him, wondering how this young boy has so much wisdom.

"It's a good name, isn't it, Mom?"

I nodded. "Yes, it's a good name."

And a reminder to me that not only does story matter, but so does faith. I have a feeling that Kate will be teaching me a lot about faith.

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(Three. I blogged every day this week.)

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  1. Great story. Names have such interesting stories behind them.

  2. Her middle name is Faith?!?! There are NO words for how amazing that story is!!! Kate will bring so much into your lives and you will give so much to her. Congratulations to all!

  3. I miss having a dog, and although they can be challenging at times, the good makes up for all of that. Love hearing about the name, too, Ruth.

  4. What a heartfelt story. Love the way in which our pets teach us more than we will ever teach (or train) them. Kate Faith is one lucky pup!

  5. Love the way the name came to be, especially the middle name. "The kids talked about it," now that's collaboration!

  6. A great name, Kate! And the way she received her middle name, just lovely. A new dog. Enjoy!

  7. Ruth, the name is wonderful-from the mouth of children to God's ears... Your dog and the twitter conversation are two things to celebrate this week!

  8. My favorite line is "And a reminder to me that not only does story matter, so does faith." So clear and so true. Love your dog's name. Kate diCamillo is coming to my school in a few months. I am beyond excited!

  9. Love that happy Kate! Looks like she loves being in the car. What a happy addition to the family. Missed the talk tonight, but I'll check the archives. Congrats on blogging every day!


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