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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Holiday {CELEBRATE This Week: 156}

I'm glad you are here to celebrate! 

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It is a holiday weekend. The origin of holiday means, "holy day." It's intended to be for rest and relaxation. The nature of holy is sacred.

I'm not always so good at making a holiday a holy day.

I celebrate that this holiday weekend is going to be filled with holy days. Andy and I are pulling our little family close and celebrating together. We are unscheduled. We are laughing. We are purposefully resting and relaxing.

It started Thursday night and already we can see our kids relaxing. We can feel burdens lifted from our shoulders. We remember that life is very good -- all the time.

Share your holiday celebrations...


  1. These three days were always a blessing before school really started, it seemed. I hope you do have a great time with family, Ruth. Time to enjoy each other, laugh and play!

  2. Other people's weekends are the start of my work week. But I'm looking forward to book-hungry people!

  3. I shared two of your videos this week with my new group of writers. Several students decided to decorate their WNB and a few boys brought in some ticket stubs. One of my students commented, "Wow she's a really good writer." Thanks for encouraging me to celebrate.

  4. Ruth, celebrating this week with family and friends and those on Celebrate This Week is a blessing! Thank you for sharing your summerscape moment with your family.

  5. I love that you are making this weekend a true holiday for your family. Hope the rest of the weekend continued as a celebration. Life is too full not to make time for those "holy" days. Thanks for this post!


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