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Friday, September 16, 2016

Hug 'Em {CELEBRATE This Week: 158}

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There was a time in life when I was sure I wasn't going to be a momma. Wanting to be a mom, but thinking you'll never get the chance, isn't very much fun. In fact, it was hands down harder than anything I've faced since being a mom.

As a momma to three kids who come from hard histories, this isn't something I say lightly. In fact, I've really mulled over whether I believe it to be true.

It is.

I also believe since I thought I wouldn't be a momma, and now have the privilege of motherhood, it makes it easier to accept this rocky parenting path. Parenting is never easy. Parenting children who know whole hard histories before you is complicated.

So tonight, I celebrate this:

I have kids to hug.

So even though I don't really know what I'm doing in the whole parenting department, I do know one thing. You can't mess up a hug. When the words aren't right...when things are falling apart...when the consequences are too much...I can offer a hug to my kids.

I have kids to hug. 
And will hug each of them tomorrow.

This is my celebration.


  1. A beautiful thought. God had this plan for you all along, and I love how you embrace and celebrate your amazing family.

  2. You may think you don't know what you are doing in parenting, but from my view, you and Andy are doing an amazing job. I know the your hugs are some of the best because they are so filled with everlasting love for whomever you are hugging. Sending a virtual hug to you.

  3. Thank you for this. I love the celebration that you have, but also thank you for the acknowledgement of what a tough path it is when one does not think she will ever be a mother. It isn't something that people share about, but it is very difficult for those of us who want so very much to be a momma and are facing the fact that we may never have that opportunity. Hug those children tight.

  4. I love this, Ruth. We can always get that hug right, and it means so much. Thanks for that beautiful reminder.

  5. Ruth, this is beautiful. It made be smile in a big, teary way.

  6. What a tribe to mom. Love all around.

  7. Love the family pic! And love these wise words: "You can't mess up a hug." Sending virtual hugs to you and the entire Ayres clan!

  8. Hugs are the bread and butter of love!


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