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Friday, October 7, 2016

Hope + Celebration {CELEBRATE This Week: 161}

I'm glad you are here to celebrate! 

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I wrote this line today --

Hope is fed by celebration.

There are things in life that we must feed and things that we need to let be. Hope is one of those things to feed. It grows stronger through celebration. My hope needs fed, so I'm making a list. I hope you will join me.

  1. Hannah's birthday was last week. She wanted to go to the mall with her friends and then eat at Flat Top Grill. Hannah is the one in pink. I love her smile. Do you know how long we've waited to see that genuine smile? Those girls with her? They're the best kind of friends. They are the kinds of friends who love you for who you are and believe in you for who you can become. I'm so happy that Hannah gets to experience this kind of friendship.
  2. My friend Jodi is visiting. We chatted after school today and I met her new daughter, Whimsy. We have plans to have dinner together on Sunday evening. My family is tagging along, too. We have taco night planned and I can't wait to get together for an ordinary Sunday evening. When you live across the country from each other, you don't get very many ordinary evenings.
  3. I'm getting a new office at school. Yippee! I've found that having a place makes my work much more productive.
  4. My book is clicking along. Thank you so much for the well wishes. A special thanks to my crit partner, Ruth Metcalfe, who reads and rereads and listens to me ramble and points me in a direction and says GO. NOW.
  5. I've been playing with an online notebook. It's been an adventure to explore an old tool in a new space. Notebook writing is a key part of my writing process. I've enjoyed finding the advantages and overcoming the challenges of a digital notebook. I've also remembered how notebook writing is cathartic and random and glorious in its chaos.
  6. I've been slowing down. I always do this time of year. I'm sitting on the couch after school and not feeling guilty. I've been going for walks instead of runs and not feeling guilty. I've been going to be earlier and sleeping in later and not feeling guilty. I'm claiming peace and avoiding offense. 
  7. Home is my favorite place, and this makes me happy.


  1. I love this list of celebrations. Hannah's smile is most certainly a beautiful smile. It is so amazing that you have been able to provide the healing to bring out that smile. Your thoughts about notebook writing have me itching to get out my notebook and dust it off. I haven't ever really established the habit, but I think it would be very cathartic for me.

    1. Also I don't see the link-up on this post, so I am leaving my link here for now. I will come back later to check and add my link once the list is there.

  2. Hannah's smile and her collection of true friends is something to celebrate. Your list this week feels rich and full. I love that you find more and more ways to build the life you want to live.
    No Linky today? Here's my celebration post:

  3. Love the joy in your celebrations of the week, Ruth! We're back at the farm, and I celebrate that

  4. What a great list of celebrations! Fall is such a great time for slowing down and enjoying some extra moments at home. I'm the same way. I don't see a link today so I'll come back later to check! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Your list is a joy to read. You are taking the moments and savoring every one of them. Keep savoring!

  6. So glad Hannah has the best of friends. It's what we always hope for our kids. And so glad you're getting a new office. Congrats on that book clicking along. Enjoy your weekend time at home and that ordinary Sunday evening with a friend.

  7. Life is good when you slow down, Ruth. It is grand to recognize that life is a celebration. Thank you for allowing all of us to find our celebrations of the week.
    PS:Hannah's smile lights up the photo. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.


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